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the controls are wild for this game, on a mac i have to press shift + 7 for a "/" and it doesn't even get it, so i can't play the game, seems fun though, if only i could play it


The concept sounds fun, but I can't play it bc the controls are crazy. "/" isn't its own button on my keyboard. Can you add a settings menu for controls?


ahhhh i can't make any money i can only lose it.


this game isn't about having fun. It's about winning, absolutely dominating your opponent without mercy. I have fought hundreds of battles against rival merchants, and I have won everyone with my strategies and daring. I corner the early boot market, monopolize the gold trade, and buy out every sale with my superior finances, all while making sure every city has sweaters. I am a god. I am a god of pawmerce!!!!!

idk how to trade just going round the island 

I can't launch the single player mode (maybe because i have a french keyboard?)


weird controls but fun


oof cute but stressful... wish there was non-timed leisure version!


The game is unplayable because I can't leave the port. And no confirmation to quit the game? What if I hit escape by accident?

Do you even realize that the keys you've chosen are not in every keyboard layout?

Hi there! I' sorry about that - the same thing has been brought up on our Ludum Dare page by a few folks, so we're aware of the issue. The control scheme is as it is because we had developed the game with the side intent of it being playable on the Winnitron, which carries with it some unusual mappings. We didn't have time to make more dynamic mappings prior to releasing the game for LD though, so that's why they're that way.


cool idea


this is way too cute, great job everyone! had a blast playing it.