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Strange things have happened since the mysterious neighbours have moved in. Pets have gone missing, children stopped playing outside, people began putting their houses up for sale left and right. You find yourself in their house, and must solve your way to safety.

Puzzle Horror game made during PegJam 2016. Theme was "There goes the neighbourhood!"

New Year's Build now available!
- Fixed a few bugs (no more breaking infinite ketchup bottles)
- Added an extra minute to run away from the bad man
- Updated engine (so it should run a little better!)
- Added credits screen
- Cleaned up some UI elements
- Reduced download size by ~20 MB
If you've already played through the game, nothing was added in this patch, so don't feel obligated to play through again!

Controls (Keyboard) -
Movement: Arrow Keys
Confirm/Select: Z, Enter, Space
Cancel/Menu: X, Escape
Dash: Shift

Controls (Mouse) -
Movement/Confirm/Select: Left-click
Cancel/Menu: Right-click
Dash: On by default

Controls (XBox 360 Controller) -
Movement: D-pad/Analog
Confirm/Select: A-button
Cancel: B-Button
Menu: Y-Button
Dash: X-button

Story / Designer -
Josh Grand (@faelimjg)

Artist / Sound Direction -
Shera Starr (@anocturnaldream)

RPG Maker MV Plugins -
Yanfly Engine Plugins
Terrax Lighting System

Songs / Sounds (from freesound.org) -


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Hope, Abandoned for PC (v1.Happy New Year!) 78 MB
Hope, Abandoned for Mac (v1.Happy New Year!) 79 MB


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I really loved this game, and it definitely gave me a fright at home alone in the dark.

I talk more in detail in my blog, here: http://pajamagaming.blogspot.com/2017/02/free-itchio-games-5.html

Thanks for the review on it! I'm glad you enjoyed playing, and I agree that there needs to be more information on the father's motivations... which is why we're working on an extended version of the game! We're hoping to have some details soon.

Aw, yes! I'm so excited! I look forward to it! :)


I gave your game a go and I believe I have successfully solved the mystery, and escaped with my life! So, did I won? :P



Gave your game a go....



Oh man, that's awesome! Thanks for playing our game, it was surreal to watch someone playing it online. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and we were rooting for you to make it through! Watching you play provided us with some great feedback on it too, so thanks for that!