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Part 2 FINAL :D

Part 1 :D

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Puzzles are fine, but took me a while to figure out how the "talking to ghost" mechanic works :)


can anyone give a clue on how to find the safe keycode?



I enjoyed this!! It was a lot of fun, not sure why it's only rated 4 stars. Great job!!


holy moly this game is cute and crepee in the same thime. what is the next chapitre?.


d fun with it, some of the puzzles had me for a minute! 


awesome little game, loved it


hey, the game is unexpectedly crashing on OSX

Hi, really sorry about the late reply -- the email about the comment got dropped in my Junk mail for some reason.

Is it crashing during gameplay, or crashing upon opening?

crashing on opening

Hey, sorry, I'm not too sure how to help if its crashing on opening. That's likely an engine issue (RPG Maker) rather than an in-game bug issue. We tested the build on our Mac again without an issue... wondering if maybe it's due to a different OSX version.

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hey! i was wondering, can anybody help me with equiping stuff? im having a bit trouble. :(

Hey! Sorry for the slow reply - what type of problem are you having? 

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equiping/using items, i looked in the description for the controls but they dont seem to be helping, like ive done the "z" then "escape" to go back and use the items, but it doesnt appear to work, so i just need a bit help.(also also, sorry for late reply!)


Haha, I felt silly because I had to download my own game to help troubleshoot. (I haven't actually touched it in years)

So, a couple questions, to clarify...
1. You're able to open the menu with "X" or "Escape" or by right-clicking, correct? If so, can you get to the "Equip" option without problems?

2. Do you have one of the following items: Fedora, Black Coat, or Flower Dress? Just checking as those are the only equippable items. If so, you should be able to equip via the Equip menu by selecting what body part to equip to, and then selecting what you'd like to equip.

I hope this helps, I'm not entirely sure what the specific issue is, so not sure what directly to recommend. Let me know if you still need help!

oh, i feel dumb.  thank you, thats what the problem was.  sorry for not being the most detailed, but yeah. thank you very much again!


great game, good puzzles and a lot of fun to play


Hope, Abandoned[Puzzle Horror game]commentary


hi there



I heard about your video and it was great.

tnx:) I hope you can join discord server


Excellent game.  Good atmosphere and tension, great level of hints and challenge for puzzles.

Is there a way to get this to play on linux? I tried starting it with wine, but it just loads and then does nothing

Hi there -- at the time we released "Hope, Abandoned" to play on Itch a couple years ago, RPG Maker MV didn't have an option that allowed us to build for Linux. While it has since gained that ability in the past year, I've been debating if I wanted to go back and try a Linux build, and I'm just unsure at this juncture as we don't have a Linux setup to test it out in.

I'm giving it some consideration, though just don't have the available time right now to do so. If that changes, I'll reply to your comment once again to give you the heads up. In the meantime though, I apologize that the Windows and Mac builds are the only way to reliably play.

Okay, thanks for letting me know. I actually got it to work pretty well on VMWare. I appreciate that you considered porting it to Linux though.


I've spent my October playing many short horror games, old and new, and few have gotten me quite as excited as yours.

Aside from a few questionable sneak scares, Hope, Abandoned excels in tension [SPOILER]with a largely mundane threat at the end of the day[SPOILER]. I would complain about a particular puzzle, but really, ALL the clues are there. If anything, it needs a hint to where the hints are, heh. All the same, I did eventually figure it out and got a good spook out of it. Ace work right here.


The game wasn't to bad. Had some nice atmosphere to it and had a creepy, yet sad story to it. The music in the last scene might have been a little much though, but still was a very nice experience and I hope to see more from you!


This was really good Im so in awe!!!! The puzzles were great and the right level of difficulty and the story was very well written. I liked this game a lot. Good job!!!! As someone who wants to get into RPG maker this was rly inspiring and a great example of what can be done!! Very spooky too


This was awesome! I'm super into rpg maker horrors and this one had a very "classic" feel to it! Perfect mix of ambience, scares and puzzly-ness!


Thought the ending of this game was pretty trippy. I had trouble finding the number code, but overall a super fun and perfect for the Halloween spirit!


Really enjoyed this game! The last part really tripped me up -- very clever!

Sorry for the late reply, but I wanted to thank you for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it! I thought it would be fun to use the "equipment" for something different, so I'm happy you liked that!


I made a two part playthrough of this. I really like the game. 5 out of 5.

Part 2

Hey, apologies for the late reply! Thanks for playing through, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! Fantastic Let's Play, and great job on making it to safety! :)



hello. just wanted to let you know that i really liked your game. that one part with the safe code was very puzzling (pun not intended) to me therefore i made a lets play of it in two parts. it will be coming out today and tomorrow at 7pm gmt -6. hope to see your (as the dev) comments on the videos when they are uploaded. the link to my channel is or you could simply search for the fluffy puffin. to close it was a very solid game; ran very smoothly; and had a very good atmosphere and nice story overall.

Thanks for playing, and thank you for the Let's Play! :) Sorry that it took forever to get back to you!


Hey again! I mentioned before that I'd be checking out some of your other work and I'm really happy I did. This game was really good, just like Night Walk it had some solid puzzles and a few scares that I didn't expect. 

The art and music/sounds were solid as well, the story's well written and creepy. I really enjoyed my time with this one.

I could feel a sense of urgency at the end so I have no idea if I got the "good" ending or not, or if there are multiple endings or not. But I was quite satisfied with it.

It's a good horror experience, I had fun with it and I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a cool puzzle horror game to play.


Awesome!! Thank you for playing through it, I'm excited to watch the Let's Play! :)

Hi. My name is Mel. I was wondering if I could translate your game into Spanish. If it does not bother you, of course.

Hi! Apologies for not getting back to you earlier! While we do appreciate the offer, I don't think we're interested in pursuing a translation for the game at this time. We don't have the resources to support the task right now, unfortunately. But thank you!

Okay! :D 


Pretty fun stuff!




I gave your game a go and boy was I happy I did, it managed to scare me a couple of times and the urgency at the end made my heart race, I managed to escape with my life though, so I'm happy! I got stuck a couple of times but that was due to my own incapability to read clues, it was all written out for me! Amazing game overall! I think you'll really have a future if you continue doing it! Keep at it my friend! 

Hey, thank you so much for the kind words ! We really appreciate that! We're glad you enjoyed the game, and hope to put out something else in the future that you might enjoy!


I really enjoyed the game. I got stuck at the uh numbers section and had to look it up online but otherwise it was very accessible and enjoyable. The last sequence made my heart pound- awesome pick for music! ^_^ 

Thank you for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)
And haha, yep, seems like the numbers section was definitely a tough puzzle! Already got me thinking of how to make it slightly more transparent without just giving it away.

What was this made in?

Hi there! The game was made in RPG Maker MV.

Neat ^^


I really loved this game, and it definitely gave me a fright at home alone in the dark.

I talk more in detail in my blog, here:

Thanks for the review on it! I'm glad you enjoyed playing, and I agree that there needs to be more information on the father's motivations... which is why we're working on an extended version of the game! We're hoping to have some details soon.

Aw, yes! I'm so excited! I look forward to it! :)


I gave your game a go and I believe I have successfully solved the mystery, and escaped with my life! So, did I won? :P


Gave your game a go....


Oh man, that's awesome! Thanks for playing our game, it was surreal to watch someone playing it online. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and we were rooting for you to make it through! Watching you play provided us with some great feedback on it too, so thanks for that!