A little girl finds herself surrounded by clouds on all sides. With nowhere else to go, she talks to a strange creature standing nearby. He provides her with the tools to go on a curious but colorful adventure!

In this game, you're granted the ability to control the world around you through the use of colors. By changing the tint of the world, you both open new paths as well as change the personalities of the Oolians.

Puzzle Exploration game made during Winnipeg's "LibraryJam" Game Jam event, where the theme was to be inspired by a book. In this case, we were inspired by a coloring book.

Downloadable versions of the game can be opened to Full-Screen (F4).

Controls (Mobile) -
Movement/Select: One-Finger Touch
Menu: Two-Finger Touch

Controls (Keyboard) -
Movement: Arrow Keys
Confirm/Select: Z, Enter, Space
Cancel/Menu: X, Escape
Dash: Shift (can be enabled in Options)

Controls (Mouse) -
Movement/Confirm/Select: Left-click
Cancel/Menu: Right-click
Dash: On by default

Controls (XBox360 Controller) -
Movement: D-pad/Analog
Confirm/Select: A-button
Cancel: B-Button
Menu: Y-Button
Dash: X-button (can be enabled in Options)

Story / Game Design / Level Design / Voice Acting (Oolians) -
Josh Grand (@faelimjg)

Artist / Level Design / Sound Direction / Voice Acting (Oolians) -
Shera Starr (@anocturnaldream)

RPG Maker MV Plugins -
Yanfly Engine Plugins

Songs / Sounds -
All Songs were provided as stock assets with RPG Maker MV
All Sounds (except Oolians) were also stock assets with RPG Maker MV


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LeykeOolairPC.zip v1.0 96 MB
LeykeOolairMac.zip v1.0 97 MB


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Hey Josh I love your RPG game dude it's so awesoms


i had lots of fun playing this, really cute ending :)


This was surprisingly touching and emotional.